Saturday, June 29, 2013

Vampirella #30

Vampirella is in the future! One hundred years in the future to be exact. In the previous issue Vampirella and Criswell are forced to wear these weird helmets that bring them to the future. Being in the future doesn't mean that there isn't danger lurking around. (Spoilers below!!!)

The issue begins with Vampirella and Criswell fleeing from an aircraft attacking them. They have no choice but to jump from a building. Vampirella realizes that she can't release her wings to save Criswell. She improvises by protecting his body with her own. Both of them crash into.... The Jetsons house! The Jetsons think that Vampirella and Criswell are intruders robbing them. They send there dog to attack the so called intruders. Just when the Jetsons dog was about to attack, Vampirella and Criswell are beamed out by the people hunting them earlier. It happens to be Pantha who summoned her! Pantha explains how the leader of the Silver Helm and the leader of the Black Crown of Choas have one final battle together. Quatermass wants to destroy both leaders. Opposition forces come flying from the sky wanting Vampirella to surrender or be forcefully taken. A battle ensues! Criswell is injured and Vampirella tries to come to his aid. The enemy takes advantage of the situation. They lasso her to a bright room. An unidentified man tells her she is home and the silver helm is placed upon her head.

In the present Quatermass seems pleased that Vampirella's son Lukas is dead. He teleports off to a cargo ship where a rabbit person is secretly spying on his conversations. Surprisingly the evil Grigory saves Lilith, Pendragon, Adam and the others from going into the stasis aura. However, it all comes at a price, Grigory warns them to not interfere with his future plans. With Grigory gone, Lilith saves Lukas by using Lukas' own healing powers from his hand to heal his wound.

In the previous issue I was skeptical on how they were going to pull off the future plot line. Surprisingly, this issue hooked me in right from the start. The cameo from The Jetsons was unexpected and had me laughing. I loved how they were incorporated into the storyline instead of being in the background. I wasn't surprised that Grigory saved the crew for his own selfish reasons. It kind of makes me wonder what Grigory is planning. The explanation of how Vampirella and Criswell ending up in the future confused me. Something about psycho-temporal projection. I'm not even sure the character in the story explaining it understood it. I enjoyed the family bonding between Lilith and her grandson Lukas. Not sure if Lilith should be trusted though given her past. If I were Vampirella or Lukas I wouldn't keep my guard down around her.

Loved the cameos! Loved the future storyline! Overall this issue is pure awesomeness!

Rating: A

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Ravine Volume 1 TpIn a fantastic world far from our own, an ancient magic spell almost split the world in two and left an endless ravine in the north. One man, Nebezial Asheri, driven by the deaths of his wife and daughters, will attempt to reclaim that magic and bring his loved ones back to life. The forces of an entire city, Paladia, will rise to oppose him, but his greatest foes will be a ragtag band of an outcast wizard, a dragonrider, and their allies. -via Goodreads

Ravine first peaked my interest when I found out it was a medieval fantasy graphic novel. For awhile I have been longing to find a captivating story from this genre that I could fall in love with. This is definitely it!
Each page is beautifully illustrated and the amount of detail in the artwork blew me away. The characters, dragons, and scenery are drawn so well that it makes the world of Paladia come to life. With stunning visuals as well as an in-depth story, I found myself fully immersed in this world. Once done with the novel I was surprised to find an appendix filled with extensive information on the characters and factions. 

Ravine introduces many characters in its story. There is Lynn who is unsure of assuming her responsibilities as the Duchess of Dregya. Instead she dreams of becoming a dragonrider. Stein is a wanderer who always seems to be scheming. I really liked Lynn's character. I thought she was a bit aloof sometimes, but towards the end of the novel she appears to be accepting her fate.

At times while reading the novel I was confused by the lore and terminology. I found myself rereading to understand what I just read. The appendix did clear up some things for me, but I didn't know it was there until I was done reading the story.

The first volume of Ravine was simply amazing. I didn't want it to end especially with the cliffhanger it left off on. The next issue seriously needs to be released asap! Thankfully, the wait isn't long. Volume two of Ravine will be released sometime this summer.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tales from Wonderland

I have been wanting to read Tales from Wonderland for awhile now. Tales from Wonderland are prequel one-shots of the main characters in the Alice in Wonderland series. Before I started reading this series I read Return to Wonderland, Beyond Wonderland, and Escape from Wonderland. After the ending of Escape from Wonderland, I had a lot of questions concerning the world of Wonderland. I wanted to know about the origins of the magic mirror Callie was able to go to Wonderland through. How did the madness descend upon the characters of Wonderland? Tales from Wonderland finally explains how everything happened.

I loved how imaginative the Queen of Hearts story was. Two sisters who detested each other enter a magic mirror. They come to see the horrors that Wonderland has. Both sisters regret treating each other horribly and declared how they secretly cared for each other. Wonderland tried to tear them apart but couldn't because of the love they had for one another. Thus combining both sisters into one twisted being. Although the Queen of Hearts is a heartless villain, I couldn't help feeling sorry for both her and her sister. It took the evils of Wonderland for them to realize their mistakes, but it was too late for both sisters.

I liked how Wonderland came into existence by being someone's experiment gone wrong. This scientist has the worst of luck. He doomed his family when they discovered the entrance to Wonderland. His son becomes the Suicide King and his wife becomes the Red Queen. He ruined the lives of the two little girls who later become the Queen of Hearts. On top of that the evil white rabbit and Cheshire cat were his fault since he put them through the portal as experiments.

As in all of Wonderland stories from Zenescope expect gore and lots of it! If you are into horror fantasy genres, I suggest you give Tales from Wonderland a chance.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Poison Princess by Kresley Cole

Poison Princess (The Arcana Chronicles, #1)Summary from Goodreads:  

She could save the world—or destroy it.

Sixteen year old Evangeline “Evie” Greene leads a charmed life, until she begins experiencing horrifying hallucinations. When an apocalyptic event decimates her Louisiana hometown, Evie realizes her hallucinations were actually visions of the future—and they’re still happening. Fighting for her life and desperate for answers, she must turn to her wrong-side-of-the-bayou classmate: Jack Deveaux.

But she can’t do either alone.

With his mile-long rap sheet, wicked grin, and bad attitude, Jack is like no boy Evie has ever known. Even though he once scorned her and everything she represented, he agrees to protect Evie on her quest. She knows she can’t totally depend on Jack. If he ever cast that wicked grin her way, could she possibly resist him?

Who can Evie trust?

As Jack and Evie race to find the source of her visions, they meet others who have gotten the same call. An ancient prophesy is being played out, and Evie is not the only one with special powers. A group of twenty-two teens has been chosen to reenact the ultimate battle between good and evil. But it’s not always clear who is on which side…

My thoughts: 
I was so eager to begin reading this book. The idea of people having powers based off of the tarot cards really intrigued me. However I was disheartened to find that a lot of this doesn't happen until way later in the book.

The book had such a strong beginning. The prologue begins with a man named Arthur who is infatuated by Evie. This guy is a total creep who kidnaps and tortures women in his basement. He is determined to have Evie as his latest victim. He brings her a drink that is poisoned and he tells her to tell him about her life before the flash. Before she begins her story she warns him "What I believed happened might not be what actually took place." The opening of the story is what made me want to continue further. I wanted to know what happened before the flash and after the flash. Hell, I wanted to know what the flash was! Sadly after reading the book there was no clear explanation as to what the flash was. The only explanation given was how the "tilt of the earth's axis wobbled, disturbing the balance of our world" or "Others claim that the depleted ozone layer". Nothing was a concrete answer!

I thought Evie was a somewhat likeable character. She has faults such as being slutty and occasionally being shallow. However Evie after the flash is completely different. She starts to think about others and is a better person overall. The other characters in the book I found really difficult to like. Jackson is Evie's love interest. We first meet Jackson gawking at Evie while she is making out with her boyfriend in his car. He rides his motorcycle up to the car and creepily stares at her for what seems like minutes! Even weirder is that Evie's boyfriend did absolutely nothing about it. What is worse is that this guy has serious anger/rage issues. He calls Evie a bitch countless times and treats her like trash constantly. If you think this was bad, it gets even worse after the flash with Jackson. He yells at her constantly and calls her useless every other minute. Here's a gem of a line Jackson said to Evie "Find me something to eat, woman.". Somehow after everything I just mentioned Evie has fallen for Jackson. Evie has a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome going for her. I can't say whether I hate or like Matt, Selena, and Fin. Even though they are supposed to be a major part of the story since they have major arcana powers (tarot card powers), not much information are given about them. Hopefully in the second book there is more character development. 

One thing that really annoyed me was the french phrases Jackson used. I was excited the main character was Cajun, but sometimes I had a hard time understanding it. Or I just forgot the translation of what a specific word meant. At times I thought the words he used were overdone. I was so sick of reading "peekon" and "bebe" over and over again.  

The book is supposed to be a post apocalyptic book, but you have to read through around 120 pages of unnecessary plot to get to the action. ALL the characters that were introduced DIED except Evie and Jackson, so what the hell was the point of all that.

One of the book's strong points for me was the arcana powers. I thought Evie's thorn claws were awesome. She can poison her foes with her claws or if she is weak she can suck the life out of plants to gain life for herself. She can also call upon plants to protect her or strangle enemies. I found Matt's power to see the future to be useful though he explains his visions cryptically. It defeats the purpose of his power if he is not giving a clear answer.

Though I had a lot of issues with the book, I still found it to be an enjoyable quick read. The ending was exceptional because Evie accepted her powers and kicked ass with them. I will most likely read the next book especially if Jackson dies off, disappears, or ceases to exist.

Rating: C+

Thursday, June 13, 2013


The past couple months I have tried countless MMO's. None have been able to hold my interest until Neverwinter came along. Seriously, Neverwinter is my go to MMO at the moment. It is that good!

I actually enjoyed leveling in this game. It didn't take forever to reach level 60, but it wasn't a rush either. For casual players like me I often feel like some mmo's can take the enjoyment out of leveling. Either making it feel repetitive or not having enough quests.  That wasn't the case with Neverwinter. If I got bored of the zone or felt like I needed to be higher in level, I made use of the foundry. The foundry are adventures (quests) which can be created by anyone. I haven't made any foundry quests, but I have played several of them. The foundry quests I have done had an impressive story and were incredibly enjoyable.

The game currently has 5 classes (Guardian Fighter, Great Weapon Fighter, Devoted Cleric, Trickster Rogue, and Control Wizard). A rumored Ranger class that might be released when the game officially launches. The Control Wizard is my main character and I have to say that I have had a lot of fun playing this class. One power Control Wizards have is Shard of Avalanche. I have to say that being able to hurl a boulder in pvp at players and knocking them down was entertaining. One limitation about Neverwinter is that you can't have all the spells on your hotkey bar at the same time. You have to pick and choose what powers work best.

Professions are a bit different compared to the
traditional MMO. There are 5 professions (leadership, tailoring, mailsmithing, platesmithing, and leatherworking). Currently I'm leveling up Leadership and Tailoring. Leadership can give you extra currency and other profession resources. Tailoring is more suitable for Control Wizards. What I liked most about Professions is the fact that you really don't have to farm for your resources. You hire an asset to collect the materials to make your goods. I thought this was such a unique concept. One that I have never encountered before in an MMO.

Haven't done any of the dungeons since I'm more into the PVP aspect of the game. At the moment Neverwinter only has one type of PVP battleground called Domination. Basically it is your standard capture the bases and defend type of game. Once the battle is finished you earn glory points which you can use to buy PVP gear.

Overall Neverwinter has such potential. It's an entertaining game that manages to set itself apart from other MMO's and be a bit different. Right now it is in Open Beta (somewhat buggy put very playable). The game goes "live" June 20th.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Escape from Wonderland

The Wonderland series is always one of those series that I look forward to with Zenescope. It's a twisted version of the beloved Alice in Wonderland stories. Escape from Wonderland is the 3rd series of Wonderland, so I suggest reading Return to Wonderland first and Beyond Wonderland afterwards.

Callie Liddle is on a quest to take back her baby from the Mad Hatter. She has arrived in Wonderland with a vengeance ready to take down anyone who interferes. Once there she comes across the Red Queen who gives her directions on where to find her child. Continuing her journey to find her daughter she comes across the carpenter. She remembers that during her first visit to Wonderland she had to fight the carpenter. This time things are different. Callie feels this force within her making her a tough opponent in battle. The carpenter is taken out easily and Callie continues through the forest. In the forest she encounters a giant monster. Luckily for her a lizard man is able to save the day and rescue her from near death. Somehow Callie gets the feeling she should trust this lizard person. He flies her to where the Jabberwocky lives, but it seems the journey to get there has been too easy. In the Jabberwocky's lair they come across giant killer worm. They become overwhelmed and the lizard man tells her to go and find her baby. Callie enters a hallway full of mirrors that show memories of her past and fake dreams. She snaps out of the reverie breaking the mirror. Behind the mirror she finds her baby Violet, however their reunion falls short. The Cheshire cat and his friend Lina attempt to attack Callie. Callie throws her sword onto loose rocks atop of the the cave. The rocks tumble down crushing Lina the only friend the Cheshire cat had. Callie makes it to the magic mirror that will teleport her back to the real world. She can't believe what she sees before her eyes! Her mother is right in front of her alive! Her mother tells her to go quickly through the mirror before the Mad Hatter can stop her. Into the mirror she went and in the real world her mother is alive again! It seems to good to be true for Callie. Her mother, father, and boyfriend are alive too. Johnny, her brother, is no longer the Mad Hatter now. Callie soon realizes this is all an illusion from the Jabberwocky and breaks free. Callie is ready to confront the Jabberwocky and end the madness. It looks like Callie is about to be defeated by the Jabberwocky, but lizard man comes and slices him. Lizard man dies in the arms of Callie, revealing himself to be her boyfriend Brandon. Meanwhile Grandpa Liddle is trying to convince the Mad Hatter to stop the Jabberwocky. When that doesn't work, the grandfather tells the Mad Hatter that he is nothing. The Mad Hatter then stabs him breaking the curse of Wonderland. However the battle is not over, the Mad Hatter wants his revenge. Callie takes the Mad Hatter with her through the portal. Even though the Mad Hatter is in the real world now, he hasn't returned back as Johnny Liddle. He is still the deranged killer that he was in Wonderland. Callie ultimately got the best of him and defeated him. A montage of all the moments Callie and Johnny shared together showed as he lay dying.The story ends with a grown up Violet and older Callie by Alice's gravestone. Callie weighs her options on whether she should tell Violet about Wonderland, and decides that some secrets are better left untold.

When Callie first stumbled upon Wonderland she was weak physically and mentally. I loved seeing her character evolve in the series. She became a determined woman willing to sacrifice anything to find her daughter. Even more awesome was the fact she discovered her physical strength coming back to Wonderland.

I liked how Escape from Wonderland closed up a lot of loose ends. I always wondered what happened to Brandon. When the lizard man helped Callie I had a feeling that he might be Brandon. As soon as he mentioned Violet's name I definitely knew it was him. I felt devastated when he died. I wanted Callie to have her happy ending with him. She at least deserved that.

One thing that I wanted to see more of was the Cheshire cat, Red Queen, and the King of Hearts. Their appearances in Escape from Wonderland were so short. It kind of had me craving more of their characters in the story.

A part of me wished that Johnny (Mad Hatter) hadn't die. I wanted him and Callie to repair their relationship. Sadly Wonderland changed him for the worst. Callie did what was necessary and killed him.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cable and Deadpool

The Cable and Deadpool series has provided me with countless laughs. Deadpool is a fantastic hero that adds comedic relief to almost every page. While Cable is that serious guy that can sometimes crack a joke or two. Even though the two of them seem to detest each other sometimes, they form a pretty solid relationship later on in the series. The relationship they have is quite complex, but somehow it works for them. Cable goes to the extent of sacrificing his telekinetic powers to heal Deadpool.

Many special appearances were made from characters I didn't know, to characters that I have been a fan of. B.A.D girls, Wolverine, Captain America, and countless others join alongside the duo to save the day. It was amusing to see Deadpool interacting with the heroes or villains. Sometimes Deadpool came across as a total fanboy!

I always felt bad for Cable. He had the weight of the world on his shoulders and felt like he could never do enough.  He tried making his haven of Providence safe for all people and saving a country. However, Cable always felt like he could do more to make the world better.

If you don't know much about Deadpool or Cable I suggest maybe starting out with this series. You have tons of flashback sequences that will put things into perspective. Also many of Cable's and Deadpool's former enemies make a cameo too.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

#20 Batman Nowhere Man Part 2

The conclusion of Batman vs. Clayface is here! In the previous issue Clayface took the form of Bruce's friend Lucius. Bruce tried to escape Clayface but it's too late. He has already absorbed Bruce's DNA and can now take his shape.

The issue starts with Bruce trying to evade Clayface's attacks. I was a bit worried of how Bruce would handle this without giving away his Batman identity. He cleverly sent the Bat-Bots attack Clayface. Since Clayface is essentially Bruce Wayne after touching him, he can disable the Bat-Bots. All Bruce can do at this moment is dodge and run. That doesn't work for long after he is swallowed by Clayface and is spit out at a crusher. Bruce finds Lucius, his friend, in the crusher. Both try to figure out how to get out before they get pounded to death. Bruce finds a suit in the crusher to help them escape. Batman confronts Clayface and it seemed as if Batman would be losing the battle. His visor from his masks breaks making it easy for Clayface to get his DNA. Alas Clay tells the GCPD that Bruce is Batman! Batman however is always one step ahead, explaining how he had a fiber mask made of Bruce Wayne's DNA. Also this issue concludes the Ghost Lights story. Batman and Super Man work together to banish the paranormal monster that was summoned.

I thought Bruce's friend Lucius was a bit dense to not figure out that Bruce was Batman. He was able to hold his breath for 7 minutes, refused medical treatments for his wounds, and put that new Batman prototype suit on with ease. The signs were all in Lucius's face and he was completely oblivious. I liked how Clayface wasn't easily defeated by Batman's usual ways. Batman had to contain him in a chamber that can only be activated by Basil Karlo's DNA (Clayface). But I don't think he is busting out of that chamber anytime soon with Basil Karlo's DNA being diminished.

A lot of heart breaking moments in this issue. Clayface tells Batman how he never spent time with his son and never cared about him. If Clayface wasn't in that chamber, Batman would have found some way to kill him. He was livid! Alfred and Bruce both watched a clip of Robin and Batman when they finished defeating The Reaper. Bruce is overcome with emotion and cries. I was almost moved to tears by this part.

I didn't really care much for the Ghost Lights story. Only part I thought stood out was when Batman said how Superman was one of his greatest friends. Though it seems as if Batman sometimes doesn't care, deep down he can be a softie sometimes too.

 Rating: B+

Friday, June 7, 2013

#13 Fanboys vs. Zombies

The Wrecking Crew are in space! When I saw the cover I was eager to know how they got into space and if zombies were coming along for the ride.

In this issue Kurt, Amanda, and Burger find a zombie in the space ship room. Kurt doesn't want to kill this particular zombie. Amanda and Burger are risking their lives trying to hold the zombie in the space shuttle. While Amanda tries to get a better grip on the zombie she hits the launch button and they are then off into space. Flash back to an hour earlier when the 3 of them are discussing the morality of killing zombies. Kurt wonders if there could be a cure making zombies normal again. He is beginning to have guilty conscience about the situation because he feels like a murderer. Burger begins to tell Kurt of how the members of the Wrecking Crew might be immune to the infection. (J-Mac, a deceased character from the earlier issues, was immune to the zombie bite and members of the crew swapped spit with him to gain immunity.) Kurt proposes that he and Amanda kiss, so he can be immune too. Flashback again to when it started. The crew is making sure the compound is safe from zombies. They find one in a closet and it happens to be...... Kurt's brother!

I was not feeling the whole kissing scene with Kurt and Amanda. Seriously, he shot Amanda in the last issue and it seems she has forgotten all about it. Ugh I'm still mad at Kurt over shooting Amanda and for sabotaging Kyle. I can't wait until the rest of the group wakes up a sees this guy is a fake. While Burger, Amanda, and Kurt were in space Brendan and Rob were fighting over Jenna. I thought it was funny how both of them were arguing and all Jenna wanted was for them them to watch her "Rocky" some zombies. I personally don't mind who Jenna chooses to be with. Both characters seem like an awesome match for her.

Burger, Kurt, and Amanda finally arrive at the space station in the next issue! I don't think the space crew on the station will approve of the Kurt-zombie-brother the crew have on board. My predictions are he will get killed or maybe possibly even a cure has been invented!

Rating: A

Thursday, June 6, 2013

#19 Legion of Super-Heroes World's End

When I heard that the Legion of Superheroes was going to be cancelled, I was bummed. I know that when I first started reading this series, it took me awhile to get into the storyline. Then the story because interesting after a few issues and I found myself rooting for the heroes. I'm not sure when the series will be over, so maybe there will be a couple more issues before the series ends.

The Legion is in Chaos *gasp* and one of their champions falls! I wonder who that might be? Our story begins with the planet Weber's World in complete pandemonium. The Emerald Empress makes her return and is behind the mayhem on the planet.Oh wait, Mon-El is here to save the planet from Emerald Empress's reign of destruction. Cut to Invisible Kid, Phantom Girl, and Polar Boy still stranded on the Promethean Giant. The giant is destroying the life forms that live on him. Weird I know! Trying to escape the Giant's wrath Invisible Kid and Polar Boy are presumed to be dead. Mon-El is still fighting against the Emerald Empress and is trying to get to the source of her power (her eye). However the eye weakens him to the point of near death! Will Mon-El survive?

I felt awful for Power Girl this issue. She was elected as leader and members are dying on her watch. I can't imagine the guilt and pain she is going through. I thought the issue did a wonderful job at showing the agony and emotion of losing her team. One thing that irked me about this issue was how the Emerald Empress says eye repetitively. Replacing "I" with "Eye". At first I thought it was an humorous addition to the story. However after awhile it lost it's appeal. Next issue is in Glorith's home world and Validus is back!

Rating: B

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

#84 Grimm Fairy Tales Jack Frost Part 2

The Grimm Fairy Tales are a fantastic comic book series that I have been reading since issue #1. I love how they take a typical fantasy story and twist it into a dark twisted version of itself. If you haven't read this series yet and are a fan of fantasy comics. I suggest you check this series out.

On to what the issue is about and my thoughts. The issue begins with the mystery surrounding who and why might be harming students at the university. It's down to Sela to figure out what is going on! After her class is excused for the day, she asks one of her student's being bullied about the incident. He tells her how he has been bullied by one of the boys that got injured. He then tells Sela how Jack Frost took down the bully. The student then begins to tell the tale of Jack Frost. That's when Sela realizes that maybe the real Jack Frost might be exacting his revenge.Will Sela be there is time to save the other bullies? Will the bullies learn there lesson?

I definitely enjoyed the bright artwork for this issue. The artwork for the Grimm Fairy Tales are getting better and better with each issue. The story that was told of Jack Frost was heart breaking. I felt truly saddened seeing him get bullied and beaten by his own classmates. I thought the issue did an amazing job at showing how harmful bullying is. Maybe other bullied teens reading this might feel like they are not alone and can seek out help.

Rating: A

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

#27 Crossed Badlands The Fatal Englishman Part 3

The Crossed Badlands series has been my absolute go to series for zombies. I have a huge obsession with all things zombie related and this series definitely quells my zombie hunger! Now that you know all about my love for zombies I want to talk about Issue 27 of Crossed Badlands.

The issue begins with the group fending off Crossed and also a bit of family history from one of our main characters. I have to say that I could have done without the history. Thankfully it only lasted a couple pages. The priest questions the Englishmen about there life and moral beliefs. I felt awful reading the back story of one of the Englishmen. He seemed to have a troubled adolescence and difficult life growing up. I think the priest's stance on many of his beliefs are changed in this issue. The Englishmen have given him a lot to think about in regards to life and religion.

It's time for the priest and the Englishmen to go their separate ways. I wonder how that will all play out in issue 28!

Rating: B