Friday, June 7, 2013

#13 Fanboys vs. Zombies

The Wrecking Crew are in space! When I saw the cover I was eager to know how they got into space and if zombies were coming along for the ride.

In this issue Kurt, Amanda, and Burger find a zombie in the space ship room. Kurt doesn't want to kill this particular zombie. Amanda and Burger are risking their lives trying to hold the zombie in the space shuttle. While Amanda tries to get a better grip on the zombie she hits the launch button and they are then off into space. Flash back to an hour earlier when the 3 of them are discussing the morality of killing zombies. Kurt wonders if there could be a cure making zombies normal again. He is beginning to have guilty conscience about the situation because he feels like a murderer. Burger begins to tell Kurt of how the members of the Wrecking Crew might be immune to the infection. (J-Mac, a deceased character from the earlier issues, was immune to the zombie bite and members of the crew swapped spit with him to gain immunity.) Kurt proposes that he and Amanda kiss, so he can be immune too. Flashback again to when it started. The crew is making sure the compound is safe from zombies. They find one in a closet and it happens to be...... Kurt's brother!

I was not feeling the whole kissing scene with Kurt and Amanda. Seriously, he shot Amanda in the last issue and it seems she has forgotten all about it. Ugh I'm still mad at Kurt over shooting Amanda and for sabotaging Kyle. I can't wait until the rest of the group wakes up a sees this guy is a fake. While Burger, Amanda, and Kurt were in space Brendan and Rob were fighting over Jenna. I thought it was funny how both of them were arguing and all Jenna wanted was for them them to watch her "Rocky" some zombies. I personally don't mind who Jenna chooses to be with. Both characters seem like an awesome match for her.

Burger, Kurt, and Amanda finally arrive at the space station in the next issue! I don't think the space crew on the station will approve of the Kurt-zombie-brother the crew have on board. My predictions are he will get killed or maybe possibly even a cure has been invented!

Rating: A

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