Thursday, June 6, 2013

#19 Legion of Super-Heroes World's End

When I heard that the Legion of Superheroes was going to be cancelled, I was bummed. I know that when I first started reading this series, it took me awhile to get into the storyline. Then the story because interesting after a few issues and I found myself rooting for the heroes. I'm not sure when the series will be over, so maybe there will be a couple more issues before the series ends.

The Legion is in Chaos *gasp* and one of their champions falls! I wonder who that might be? Our story begins with the planet Weber's World in complete pandemonium. The Emerald Empress makes her return and is behind the mayhem on the planet.Oh wait, Mon-El is here to save the planet from Emerald Empress's reign of destruction. Cut to Invisible Kid, Phantom Girl, and Polar Boy still stranded on the Promethean Giant. The giant is destroying the life forms that live on him. Weird I know! Trying to escape the Giant's wrath Invisible Kid and Polar Boy are presumed to be dead. Mon-El is still fighting against the Emerald Empress and is trying to get to the source of her power (her eye). However the eye weakens him to the point of near death! Will Mon-El survive?

I felt awful for Power Girl this issue. She was elected as leader and members are dying on her watch. I can't imagine the guilt and pain she is going through. I thought the issue did a wonderful job at showing the agony and emotion of losing her team. One thing that irked me about this issue was how the Emerald Empress says eye repetitively. Replacing "I" with "Eye". At first I thought it was an humorous addition to the story. However after awhile it lost it's appeal. Next issue is in Glorith's home world and Validus is back!

Rating: B

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