Saturday, June 8, 2013

#20 Batman Nowhere Man Part 2

The conclusion of Batman vs. Clayface is here! In the previous issue Clayface took the form of Bruce's friend Lucius. Bruce tried to escape Clayface but it's too late. He has already absorbed Bruce's DNA and can now take his shape.

The issue starts with Bruce trying to evade Clayface's attacks. I was a bit worried of how Bruce would handle this without giving away his Batman identity. He cleverly sent the Bat-Bots attack Clayface. Since Clayface is essentially Bruce Wayne after touching him, he can disable the Bat-Bots. All Bruce can do at this moment is dodge and run. That doesn't work for long after he is swallowed by Clayface and is spit out at a crusher. Bruce finds Lucius, his friend, in the crusher. Both try to figure out how to get out before they get pounded to death. Bruce finds a suit in the crusher to help them escape. Batman confronts Clayface and it seemed as if Batman would be losing the battle. His visor from his masks breaks making it easy for Clayface to get his DNA. Alas Clay tells the GCPD that Bruce is Batman! Batman however is always one step ahead, explaining how he had a fiber mask made of Bruce Wayne's DNA. Also this issue concludes the Ghost Lights story. Batman and Super Man work together to banish the paranormal monster that was summoned.

I thought Bruce's friend Lucius was a bit dense to not figure out that Bruce was Batman. He was able to hold his breath for 7 minutes, refused medical treatments for his wounds, and put that new Batman prototype suit on with ease. The signs were all in Lucius's face and he was completely oblivious. I liked how Clayface wasn't easily defeated by Batman's usual ways. Batman had to contain him in a chamber that can only be activated by Basil Karlo's DNA (Clayface). But I don't think he is busting out of that chamber anytime soon with Basil Karlo's DNA being diminished.

A lot of heart breaking moments in this issue. Clayface tells Batman how he never spent time with his son and never cared about him. If Clayface wasn't in that chamber, Batman would have found some way to kill him. He was livid! Alfred and Bruce both watched a clip of Robin and Batman when they finished defeating The Reaper. Bruce is overcome with emotion and cries. I was almost moved to tears by this part.

I didn't really care much for the Ghost Lights story. Only part I thought stood out was when Batman said how Superman was one of his greatest friends. Though it seems as if Batman sometimes doesn't care, deep down he can be a softie sometimes too.

 Rating: B+

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