Tuesday, June 4, 2013

#27 Crossed Badlands The Fatal Englishman Part 3

The Crossed Badlands series has been my absolute go to series for zombies. I have a huge obsession with all things zombie related and this series definitely quells my zombie hunger! Now that you know all about my love for zombies I want to talk about Issue 27 of Crossed Badlands.

The issue begins with the group fending off Crossed and also a bit of family history from one of our main characters. I have to say that I could have done without the history. Thankfully it only lasted a couple pages. The priest questions the Englishmen about there life and moral beliefs. I felt awful reading the back story of one of the Englishmen. He seemed to have a troubled adolescence and difficult life growing up. I think the priest's stance on many of his beliefs are changed in this issue. The Englishmen have given him a lot to think about in regards to life and religion.

It's time for the priest and the Englishmen to go their separate ways. I wonder how that will all play out in issue 28!

Rating: B

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