Wednesday, June 5, 2013

#84 Grimm Fairy Tales Jack Frost Part 2

The Grimm Fairy Tales are a fantastic comic book series that I have been reading since issue #1. I love how they take a typical fantasy story and twist it into a dark twisted version of itself. If you haven't read this series yet and are a fan of fantasy comics. I suggest you check this series out.

On to what the issue is about and my thoughts. The issue begins with the mystery surrounding who and why might be harming students at the university. It's down to Sela to figure out what is going on! After her class is excused for the day, she asks one of her student's being bullied about the incident. He tells her how he has been bullied by one of the boys that got injured. He then tells Sela how Jack Frost took down the bully. The student then begins to tell the tale of Jack Frost. That's when Sela realizes that maybe the real Jack Frost might be exacting his revenge.Will Sela be there is time to save the other bullies? Will the bullies learn there lesson?

I definitely enjoyed the bright artwork for this issue. The artwork for the Grimm Fairy Tales are getting better and better with each issue. The story that was told of Jack Frost was heart breaking. I felt truly saddened seeing him get bullied and beaten by his own classmates. I thought the issue did an amazing job at showing how harmful bullying is. Maybe other bullied teens reading this might feel like they are not alone and can seek out help.

Rating: A

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