Thursday, June 13, 2013


The past couple months I have tried countless MMO's. None have been able to hold my interest until Neverwinter came along. Seriously, Neverwinter is my go to MMO at the moment. It is that good!

I actually enjoyed leveling in this game. It didn't take forever to reach level 60, but it wasn't a rush either. For casual players like me I often feel like some mmo's can take the enjoyment out of leveling. Either making it feel repetitive or not having enough quests.  That wasn't the case with Neverwinter. If I got bored of the zone or felt like I needed to be higher in level, I made use of the foundry. The foundry are adventures (quests) which can be created by anyone. I haven't made any foundry quests, but I have played several of them. The foundry quests I have done had an impressive story and were incredibly enjoyable.

The game currently has 5 classes (Guardian Fighter, Great Weapon Fighter, Devoted Cleric, Trickster Rogue, and Control Wizard). A rumored Ranger class that might be released when the game officially launches. The Control Wizard is my main character and I have to say that I have had a lot of fun playing this class. One power Control Wizards have is Shard of Avalanche. I have to say that being able to hurl a boulder in pvp at players and knocking them down was entertaining. One limitation about Neverwinter is that you can't have all the spells on your hotkey bar at the same time. You have to pick and choose what powers work best.

Professions are a bit different compared to the
traditional MMO. There are 5 professions (leadership, tailoring, mailsmithing, platesmithing, and leatherworking). Currently I'm leveling up Leadership and Tailoring. Leadership can give you extra currency and other profession resources. Tailoring is more suitable for Control Wizards. What I liked most about Professions is the fact that you really don't have to farm for your resources. You hire an asset to collect the materials to make your goods. I thought this was such a unique concept. One that I have never encountered before in an MMO.

Haven't done any of the dungeons since I'm more into the PVP aspect of the game. At the moment Neverwinter only has one type of PVP battleground called Domination. Basically it is your standard capture the bases and defend type of game. Once the battle is finished you earn glory points which you can use to buy PVP gear.

Overall Neverwinter has such potential. It's an entertaining game that manages to set itself apart from other MMO's and be a bit different. Right now it is in Open Beta (somewhat buggy put very playable). The game goes "live" June 20th.

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