Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tales from Wonderland

I have been wanting to read Tales from Wonderland for awhile now. Tales from Wonderland are prequel one-shots of the main characters in the Alice in Wonderland series. Before I started reading this series I read Return to Wonderland, Beyond Wonderland, and Escape from Wonderland. After the ending of Escape from Wonderland, I had a lot of questions concerning the world of Wonderland. I wanted to know about the origins of the magic mirror Callie was able to go to Wonderland through. How did the madness descend upon the characters of Wonderland? Tales from Wonderland finally explains how everything happened.

I loved how imaginative the Queen of Hearts story was. Two sisters who detested each other enter a magic mirror. They come to see the horrors that Wonderland has. Both sisters regret treating each other horribly and declared how they secretly cared for each other. Wonderland tried to tear them apart but couldn't because of the love they had for one another. Thus combining both sisters into one twisted being. Although the Queen of Hearts is a heartless villain, I couldn't help feeling sorry for both her and her sister. It took the evils of Wonderland for them to realize their mistakes, but it was too late for both sisters.

I liked how Wonderland came into existence by being someone's experiment gone wrong. This scientist has the worst of luck. He doomed his family when they discovered the entrance to Wonderland. His son becomes the Suicide King and his wife becomes the Red Queen. He ruined the lives of the two little girls who later become the Queen of Hearts. On top of that the evil white rabbit and Cheshire cat were his fault since he put them through the portal as experiments.

As in all of Wonderland stories from Zenescope expect gore and lots of it! If you are into horror fantasy genres, I suggest you give Tales from Wonderland a chance.

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