Saturday, June 29, 2013

Vampirella #30

Vampirella is in the future! One hundred years in the future to be exact. In the previous issue Vampirella and Criswell are forced to wear these weird helmets that bring them to the future. Being in the future doesn't mean that there isn't danger lurking around. (Spoilers below!!!)

The issue begins with Vampirella and Criswell fleeing from an aircraft attacking them. They have no choice but to jump from a building. Vampirella realizes that she can't release her wings to save Criswell. She improvises by protecting his body with her own. Both of them crash into.... The Jetsons house! The Jetsons think that Vampirella and Criswell are intruders robbing them. They send there dog to attack the so called intruders. Just when the Jetsons dog was about to attack, Vampirella and Criswell are beamed out by the people hunting them earlier. It happens to be Pantha who summoned her! Pantha explains how the leader of the Silver Helm and the leader of the Black Crown of Choas have one final battle together. Quatermass wants to destroy both leaders. Opposition forces come flying from the sky wanting Vampirella to surrender or be forcefully taken. A battle ensues! Criswell is injured and Vampirella tries to come to his aid. The enemy takes advantage of the situation. They lasso her to a bright room. An unidentified man tells her she is home and the silver helm is placed upon her head.

In the present Quatermass seems pleased that Vampirella's son Lukas is dead. He teleports off to a cargo ship where a rabbit person is secretly spying on his conversations. Surprisingly the evil Grigory saves Lilith, Pendragon, Adam and the others from going into the stasis aura. However, it all comes at a price, Grigory warns them to not interfere with his future plans. With Grigory gone, Lilith saves Lukas by using Lukas' own healing powers from his hand to heal his wound.

In the previous issue I was skeptical on how they were going to pull off the future plot line. Surprisingly, this issue hooked me in right from the start. The cameo from The Jetsons was unexpected and had me laughing. I loved how they were incorporated into the storyline instead of being in the background. I wasn't surprised that Grigory saved the crew for his own selfish reasons. It kind of makes me wonder what Grigory is planning. The explanation of how Vampirella and Criswell ending up in the future confused me. Something about psycho-temporal projection. I'm not even sure the character in the story explaining it understood it. I enjoyed the family bonding between Lilith and her grandson Lukas. Not sure if Lilith should be trusted though given her past. If I were Vampirella or Lukas I wouldn't keep my guard down around her.

Loved the cameos! Loved the future storyline! Overall this issue is pure awesomeness!

Rating: A

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