Saturday, July 20, 2013

Archie: Betty or Veronica

The Archie: Betty or Veronica app is finally here! I have been a huge fan of Archie comics and was so excited to find out I could make my own Riverdale. The Archie crew and many of the buildings from Riverdale are featured in the game too. 

The mayor of Riverdale has left the town with no money. Riverdale has become one huge mess! It is up to Archie and his friends to clean up the town. I liked how the story was told in comic book form. It was as if I was reading an animated issue of Archie.

To help the town become the Riverdale we all know and love, you can do quests. Sometimes the time it takes for a quest to be finished varies 10 minutes to several hours.  Rewards are cash, kisses, and experience points. As you level up you can unlock items to make Riverdale look better.

Eventually you will have to choose between Betty or Veronica. Not a hard choice for me. I went with Betty. If you regret your choice, you can always get the other you didn't choose and her land later.

The character information tab lets you know which characters you have or haven't connected with. Doing quests with characters will increase the relationship level.

I really liked the Archie app and enjoy seeing my town progress. I have been checking it continuously over the past couple days. A lot of work needs to be done around Riverdale still. Tons of garbage I need to  remove and decorations to be added. I'm almost level 6 which unlocks Reggie. Higher levels unlock other Riverdale citizens (Elthel, Dilton, Mr. Lodge, Mr. Weatherbee).

Some things I didn't like are having to buy some characters and decorations with kisses (real money). I would have to save kisses from quests and the daily jackpot spins to get certain cash shop items.  Other than that the Archie app is perfect for fans of Archie!

Download here!

Rating: B+

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