Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bad Girls

The female villains of the Grimm Universe have banded together to conquer the four realms of power. It's not going to be easy for the Bad Girls though, because Sela and her friends are willing to protect the realms with their lives. It's the battle of good vs. evil! Who will win? (Spoilers below!)

I always love comic series that are from the perspective of the villains. That's what I thought this series was going to be about. I was a bit disappointed to find the first couple issues barely had the Bad Girls in it. Even though, Sela and the forces of good dominated the series, I still think it's a great read.  I loved the cameos made by Samantha, Britney, and Hook. The Bad Girls were definitely formidable opponents and had the upper hand in battle most of the time.

The story takes place during Sela's stay at prison. If you are wondering how Sela ended up in prison, the Grimm Fairy Tales Lockdown story arc goes into more detail. Luckily, you don't need to read the Lockdown story arc to completely understand what is happening. The writer of Bad Girls did a great job of summarizing what went down.

Baba Yaga, Goblin Queen, Limbo Queen, Queen of Spades and Venus (The Bad Girls) unleash flesh reavers to wreck havoc on the earth. The reavers make their way to Sela's prison. Sela escapes and is trying to protect the innocents. Along the way Sela teams up with Hook and Samantha. After eliminating the reavers in the immediate area, they make a portal to the Inner Sanctum of the Nexus. Once there they find out the reavers are being controlled by someone, and they have a predator called the Mandersoon. The Bad Girls figure out what Sela is up too. Sela and company arrive to see the reavers going in the direction of the Mandersoon. The battle to get to the Mandersoon begins. Things are not going well for Sela and company. Samantha disappears during battle making it difficult to fight the reavers in the open. Sela, Britney, and Hook head to the temple to get the Mandersoon egg before anyone else does. With Sela's great powers of the all four realms, she is able to hatch the egg. Instead of the fearsome creature everyone was expecting, a cute creature emerges. Britney has to train the Mandersoon to become the great fighter he is supposed to be. Meanwhile Baba Yaga has her own plans to take down the Dark One. Sela arrives on the scene to have the Dark One begging her to help him against Baba Yaga. Sela has no other choice, but to ally herself with him. Britney, with a fully grown Mandersoon, rescue Samantha from the Queen of Spades and Goblin Queen. Now Samantha and Britney, in tow with the Mandersoon, join Sela in taking down the Bad Girls. The collar used to control the reavers falls on the ground. The Bad Girls try to get the collar back, but it's too late Sela destroys it. The reavers die off and the good guys win once again!

The parts I enjoyed the most were of the Bad Girls. They just couldn't get it together. Constant backstabbing and lies made their team fall apart. The Limbo Queen wants revenge against Venus. Her attack fails and Venus left her for dead on the floor. Venus also finds out the goblin queen has been deceiving her and literally stabs her in the back. Venus lets the other girls know she is not one to be messed with. I loved the drama the Bad Girls brought to the series.

Yes, I wished the Bad Girls had more appearances throughout the series. Nevertheless, the series was a fun quick read that gave readers a bit of an idea of who the Bad Girls really are.

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