Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Candy Bubble Blitz

Candy Bubble Blitz is the latest game to capitalize on the candy craze.

 Match candies together to form combo's and eliminate them. You get more coins if you form chain combo's. Once candies are approaching the bottom a sparkly line will pop up letting you know you are being overwhelmed with candies.

Sometimes these clear bubbles come up. You can use them to bomb candies that are approaching the bottom. Candies don't have to be the same color when you use the clear bubble.

Eventually I had too many candies that passed the sparkly yellow line, and the game finished. In the game you have five hearts. When the game is over you lose a heart, so you only get to play 5 times. You can purchase more hearts or wait for the heart meter to regenerate. It takes around 12 minutes to gain a heart back.

I loved how colorful this game is! That is what drew me in about this puzzle game. Everything looks so vibrant and cheerful. Another unique touch was how the background of the game changed when you had a clear bubble to use. After awhile I automatically knew that if the background changed, I could use a bubble bomb. I thought that was really helpful because I had too many candies at one point. With the coins you earn from playing you can use them to purchase powerups. Having problems aiming candies? No problem you can fix that with the accuracy powerup. The rainbow candies powerup are useful because they match any candy.

Candy Bubble Blitz is a cutesy puzzle game that is highly addicting. If you are into fast paced puzzle games, check this out!

Click here to download!! (For the iPhone and iPad)

Rating: A

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  1. As a general rule of thumb, it's always better to take out clusters of colored Bubble Blitz bubbles that are high up the screen. The reason for this is that anything hanging onto that cluster from beneath will always fall beneath the gun and be added to your score tally - it's a great way of destroying multiple clusters with just one shot.