Saturday, July 27, 2013

Catwoman #22

Last month's issue of Catwoman was beyond disappointing. It was a bore and chore to read. I never really cared much for Rat Tail and was happy to see him fall through the sinkhole to his death. This month's issue Catwoman is on a mission to rescue Rat Tail. Ugh, just when I thought he was a goner. Why Catwoman? Why! (Lots of spoilers ahead!)

Catwoman mourns Rat Tail's death as she watches cement being poured in the sinkhole he fell through. She thinks that Rat Tail could possibly be alive down there. Before she begins her journey underground, Catwoman has help from Alice Tesla. Alice has a bunch of devices and equipment to aid her survival. It doesn't come without a price. Alice asks Catwoman to steal a diamond from a funeral home, and test out the GPS on her way there. When she gets there a security guard ambushes her. Catwoman has the upper-hand in the battle, forcing the guard to give her the information on the whereabouts of the diamond. Alice gives Catwoman the items necessary for the trip in exchange for the diamond. Catwoman is now under Arkham trying to find which direction Rat Tail might be located. Caught off guard, she becomes captured by the people living underground.The leader of the tribe, Dr. Phosphorus, starts to question Catwoman. She doesn't even let him finish before she starts pummeling him. Underestimated by Dr. Phosphorus, Catwoman is forced into a deal. She's to spy on the other faction called the Warhogs, and make a trade with them. The trade consisting of goat, silver, and his......daughter?! It's a done deal as long as they agree to find Rat Tail.

I loved the Catwoman series when it first began. Not so much anymore. Especially, the last couple issues with Rat Tail. Never cared or liked his character. When I thought the whole Rat Tail plot line was over, I was hopeful the series would get back to what it was when it started. Wishful thinking of me to think that though. It just keeps getting worse. Seriously, the dude fell hundreds of feet below the earth and Catwoman thinks he might be alive! Where is the logic in that??!!

One thing that irked me was the brief return of Gwen and Trip. This guy Trip comes off as a total a-hole. Gwen's telling him about how she betrayed Catwoman. All of a sudden this guy flips out, punches a punching bag, and says "That's what I want to do to your pretty head.". Gwen doesn't even seemed fazed by it! I just don't get it.

There are some things I did like. The cat that she dubbed ugly is her sort of side kick. He follows her around in the grounds of Arkham. I thought that was a fun detail added into the comic. Also the addition of a new character, Alice Tesla. She is tech savvy and insanely intelligent. Catwoman this issue would have been
 screwed without her help.

So what has happened to the Catwoman that we all know and love? It's like she has been replaced by an awful Bizarro version. I don't even know what to expect next month. Such a shame because I was loving Catwoman early on. 

Rating: D+


  1. I didn't even know Catwoman HAD a comic of her own.

    1. Yes she does! The newest issues are just awful though. One huge mess and not worth the read.

    2. Huh....... Like the Catwoman movie.

    3. In fact, note to self, review the Catwoman movie.