Saturday, July 6, 2013

Thunderbolts #12

I'm so excited to tell you about the new Thunderbolts issue. Thunderbolts has a new creative team and it is a major improvement over many of the previous issues. The beginning issues didn't excite me much. This time around they got it right! (Spoilers below!)

Frank doesn't believe Elektra killed her own brother. He has set out to do the job himself. A cat-and-mouse game begins between Frank and Orestez. Finally, Frank has Orestez cornered in a chamber, but Orestez is refusing to come out. Frank starts taunting Orestez on how he would murder his sister and how no one is left to save him. Eventually, Orestez decides to come out on his own terms of a hand to hand fight. Unbeknown to Frank, Orestez has a gun on him. As soon as Orestez comes out of the chamber, Frank throws a grenade. Orestez dodges and tells Frank they still have an agreement to abide by. Both begin to fight in hand-to-hand combat. Frank has Orestez begging for his life. Of course Frank is not one to leave things unfinished. He quickly kills Orestez and returns back to the Thunderbolts HQ. Elektra asks him if they will meet up later that night. Frank rejects her proposal and walks away from her.

Frank and Elektra's relationship is completely over. I wonder how this will affect the group dynamic in the next issue. I'm thinking this will cause some tension. Maybe Deadpool figures he might have a chance with Elektra once he finds out. This was an exceptional issue! Loved every moment even though it was mainly a Frank centered storyline. It was a great conclusion of the pieces that needed to be resolved from the story arc. Definitely, enthusiastic in the direction the series is headed in.

 Rating: A+

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