Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ultimate Comics X-Men #29

Kitty Pryde vs. Jean Grey! Both ladies have there own views of how the mutant society should live. In the last issue Kitty confronted Jean and told her Utopia (Kitty's safe haven for mutants) was not joining the mutant sanctuary called Tian. This opened up a can of worms leading us to World War X. (Spoilers below!)

James' sick of feeling like he is Kitty's shadow. He doesn't agree with her ideas or her vision anymore. The two of them have an awkward talk about the situation. By the end of the conversation, Jimmy makes it clear he is going to be on his own.

Colossus is alive and has made it to Utopia. He spots Storm and Blackheath embracing each other. He doesn't look to pleased about this.

Nomi's sitting in the wildlife of the sentient seed writing, when a huge barrel with a bomb attached to it detonates. Luckily, Nomi survived the attack. The sentient seed the mutants live in didn't fare so well. Most of the area is now unlivable. The culprit of the attack happens to be Farbird (Jean Grey's follower and believer of Tian) Nomi pulled him from the sky, and the remaining life the sentient side has entangles him. Kitty and the other mutants seek answers from Farbird, but he is not budging.

Meanwhile conflict arises between Jean Grey's war council and Jean Grey. The war council doesn't believe it is necessary to have a war with Utopia. They tell her how this was not a part of the mission of peace. Jean has other plans that don't involve peace and shows them the top secret soldiers.

Storm's outside patrolling the Utopia lands when she sees the top secret soldiers. She doesn't last long when she confronts them. They slam her to the ground leaving her fighting for her life. Colossus comes to her aid and smashes the soldier against a tree. She quickly goes to warn the others of the attack while Colossus stays back to defend Utopia against the soldiers.

A meditative Kitty is contemplating why everything is happening to her beloved Utopia. All of a sudden she hears that Utopia is being invaded. In that moment she wonders where James could be. Shockingly, James is in Tian bowing down to Jean, and maybe pledging his allegiance to her too.

My thoughts:

I really enjoyed this month's issue a lot. So much going on, yet it all fit together wonderfully. James' betrayal of Utopia totally came at a shock to me. I know he has his own beliefs and sometimes disagreed with Kitty. Still I wasn't expecting him to be bowing to Jean! I'm predicting this is all part of a plan to take down Tian secretly.

Jean makes it seem that Tian is all awesome and perfect. It's the complete opposite! Her own followers are not even agreeing to this war that she is starting. Her downfall could potentially be by her own people.

Such a strong issue with surprising plot twists and of course the return of Colossus. Kitty doubting her own ideals of violence wasn't expected either. Normally she is positive on her stance of no violence. I think Kitty might give the violence thing more thought after the latest attack from Jean.

Rating: B+

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