Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter

Summary from Goodreads:

She won’t rest until she’s sent every walking corpse back to its grave. Forever.

Had anyone told Alice Bell that her entire life would change course between one heartbeat and the next, she would have laughed. From blissful to tragic, innocent to ruined? Please. But that’s all it took. One heartbeat. A blink, a breath, a second, and everything she knew and loved was gone.

Her father was right. The monsters are real….

To avenge her family, Ali must learn to fight the undead. To survive, she must learn to trust the baddest of the bad boys, Cole Holland. But Cole has secrets of his own, and if Ali isn’t careful, those secrets might just prove to be more dangerous than the zombies….

I wish I could go back and do a thousand things differently.
I'd tell my sister no.
I'd never beg my mother to talk to my dad.
I'd zip my lips and swallow those hateful words.
Or, barring all of that, I'd hug my sister, my mom and my dad one last time.
I'd tell them I love them.
I wish... Yeah, I wish.

My thoughts:

Expecting zombies in Wonderland with Alice in Zombieland? Think again! I was expecting this to be a retelling of Wonderland with plenty of zombie bashing. After reading this book, I have to say the title misled readers to believe it revolved around the Wonderland world. Even though it barely has any aspects of Wonderland in the book, it wasn't that bad.

So our main character Alice has always lived a very sheltered life. No dating, sleepovers, etc. All because her dad believes that monsters lurk out at night waiting to eat them. Alice has never believed her father, and has always thought he was mentally unstable. The one night she finally manages to get her family out of the house, is the night everything falls apart. The monsters she never believed in gruesomely took the life of her family members.

Alice's life is turned upside down. She now lives with her grandparents and goes to a new school. On her first day her new friend, Kat, introduces Alice to the most popular clique in school. They are notorious for being bullies around the school and have a bad rep. Makes me wonder how the hell they became so popular. I guess they must have bullied there way to the top. The leader of the clique is Cole. When Alice first looks at Cole, she has this vision of the two of them making out. It was insta-love from there sadly. Typical intense attraction for each other with barely any buildup. The thing is I liked both of them together, but the insta-love made it so predictable.

Zombies are not your typical zombies in this book. According to Cole and his rag-tag zombie fighting team you can only kill the zombies in the spirit realm. Once in the spirit realm you shouldn't speak because it has the ability to make things actually happen. As Cole explained, "So, if you say something like, 'This zombie is killing me,' and you're convinced that he is, in fact, killing you, he absolutely will succeed in killing you, and there will be nothing more you can do to stop him.". Also in the spirit world one can bring weapons along, but it doesn't kill the zombies. It only disables them or slows them down.. To eliminate a zombie in the spirit world, one must truly believe that they can defeat a zombie. When a person has the will to kill a zombie, a glow emanates from the hand. If you get bitten by a zombie, there is an antidote that has to be used within an hour. Interesting ideas on how zombies were presented in the book, but at times I found it all too complex. I missed the traditional elements of zombies lore throughout the book. Classic ideas such as zombies shouldn't be tampered with much. I think it should stick more to the original ideas. That's just me though.

This was not Alice in the world of Wonderland killing zombies. Even though, that would have been awesome if the author did go that route. I still found some moments where I was rooting for Alice and her friends to overcome the zombies. Other than that it's your typical insta-love story that's pretty much everywhere.

Rating: C


  1. It's a shame that this book didn't involve Alice actually going into Wonderland, massacring all these zombies in a hilarious and bad-ass b-movie fashion as I thought it would go down, so you're right on the slight deception of marketing.

    Good review, really enjoyed it! Interested to read what you have to say on the front of the current Catwoman series (saw that you had posted something about it) as I reviewed two issues a while back and I wasn't very impressed with it to say the least.

    Getting a follow from me!

  2. I stopped at the last one I reviewed, it was just embarrassing to read. I know they have a new writer for the latest issue. Might start reading again with a new creative direction.

    Someone really needs to write a TRUE Alice in Zombieland. Not just someone capitalizing on the title name for sales. It's sad the book didn't live up to it's name.